Saturday, July 18, 2009

Good 2 Detox 2 get those CREATIVE VISONS flowing!!!

Every now and then you NEED to take time for yourself to rest and DETOX! Of course its not an easy process because if it was easy dont you think everybody would be doing it? This is a two day process were you cant eat or drink anything besides the two day detox drink. YES 48 HRS!!!!!! Its not that bad once you make it past your first 24 hrs. This isnt just for cleaning out your system but it helps me to get my MIND right. It shows me that it has to be MIND over MATTER when someone has a good CHIPOTLE burrito in front of them thats smelling good, and you cant eat. It teaches discipline, and it gives you a better sense of awareness. You can purchas the drink from ARDENS GARDEN but thats only if your in Atlanta:( sorry.. There is no worries tho because there are many detox juices that does the same thing. I made a video while I was on my second day to show you that your able to still operate without food.. TRUST me! You wont Die, matter a fact you will be ENERGIZED!!!:)
Its good to go to the spa as well when you are doing your two day detox. I feel as if the spa and the Detox help out one another. People dont understand that after I get my massage and sit and that stem room thats when all my CREATIVE ideas for my film projects start to flow...
NOW it was getting ready to be some MAYHEM at the Atlanta airport! Yeah i forgot that you couldnt bring liquids through the airport but I dint care about missing my flight because Im not with starting something and not finishing it. Of course I satyed out to finish my last day, AND I DID NOT!!! miss my flight because Morehouse College taught me well.. "To be ON TIME is to be LATE, And to be EARLY is to be ON TIME"


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