Monday, July 27, 2009

Forest Whitaker Keep Up the GOOD WORK!!!!

Today was a GREAT DAY! I was blessed to eat at "Simply Wholesome" with the Greatest actor of all time Mr. Forest Whitaker.  This guy is a Genius!!
 Did you know that Mr. Whitaker was the fourth African American Male to win an Oscar Award for  BEST ACTOR? Sidney Poitier opened the doors for this American Actor following Denzel Washington & then Jamie Foxx.  No, Forest Whitaker hasn't earned my RESPECT because he grew up in South Central LA and became a STAR in HOLLYWOOD but after reading how he got so DISCIPLINED to do the Role in 2006 film THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND.  In order to play Idi Amin, Whitaker had to get FOCUSED & do some SERIOUS homework. Not only did he have to gain 50 pounds, but he read books about Amin, watched news and documentary footage, and spent time in Uganda meeting with Amin's friends, relatives, generals, and victims; he also learned Swahili and mastered Amin's East African accent. WOW!!!!!!:O Im SPEECHLESS!!! 

Speechless isnt the word that should be expressed when describing my actions after watching him get an Oscar for the movie. I dont believe that a man isnt suppose to cry because I dropped a couple of tears after watching the day he won. Keep up the GOOD work Mr. Whitaker!

One of my Favorite movies of all time because Whitaker did an AMAZING job as playing Idi Amin

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