Friday, July 17, 2009

Can We just ALL get along???

Ok so now we got the BEEF between New Boyz & Soulja Boy??? Tell me it aint so. When I watched the interview New Boyz did I didnt think it was that bad I just think that they were just speaking their mind, but when I saw what @Souljaboytellem wrote on Twitter @Newboyz I felt a lil HEAT! Ouch!!! I dont know Im not with all the he say she say stuff I just like to state the facts.. You tell me, what do you think about all this??

@Souljaboytellm told @NewBoys on Twitter " Yall Niggaz just ended yall career's early. Straight up. I aint for all that side talk you lame ass fuck boys".. WOW:O Here we go again

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