Monday, February 1, 2010

Morehouse Haiti Relief Effort

Just a few days after the news of the devastating earthquake, Jacque Pape and Roosevelt Ducelus (A Morehouse student and Alumni) team up together with Morehouse college to host a major AUC relief effort to collect clothing, non-perishable food, medical items and many more from students and the metro-Atlanta community during a three day drive. All proceeds goes down to Port-au-Prince, Haiti to be distributed to the victims of the earthquake.

With the help of faculty and staff of Morehouse College, students of Morehouse and Spelman and the great effort of Mrs. Gwen Wade (Study Abroad Director) of the Andrew Young Center of International Affairs, Pape and Ducelus have collect an abundance of necessities which is put into mountains of boxes and crates that will make your eyes gape in unbelief. The following video is a documentary of the Morehouse Relief Effort and the absolute thoughtful students who donated all the clothing and other items that they hardly use as their donation to Haiti.

FYI: If you are located in the AUC or in the Atlanta area and would like to help out with our efforts in support of Haiti please contact us @

Morehouse College HAITI RELIEF Effort

Stefon Z. Bristol

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti is in Our Prayers!!

With the Earthquake in Haiti, our prayers and condolences go out to the island nation and those affected by this disaster throughout the world. It is very devastating to see the images of Haiti on CNN and in the New York Times. Our hearts are with those who are highly and directly affected by this. On The Apple Box and The Atlanta University Center have you in our prayers.

The following videos are for the commemoration of the victims of the earthquake. The first video is a collage of input and prayers by AUC students. The President of Morehouse College, Dr. Robert Michael Franklin, also gives us a few words as well on the atrocity.

The second video is created by Ezekiel Philips with beautiful photography provided by Jacques Pape, our photographer of On The Apple Box. Jacques Pape is a native of Haiti. He has friends and family members in Haiti who have been affected by the earthquake. I ask you to please keep a serious prayer for Mr. Pape. Not to long ago, Mr. Pape invited Ezekiel to Haiti for a visit. Ezekiel had a wonderful time with the people of this island nation and enjoyed their culture. So you know he is affected by this, as well. I personally have friends who are from Haiti and praying that their family members are alive. I am very concerned for their well being.

OnTheAppleBox is greatly concerned about what has happened and we are currently doing our best to help. Please enjoy the videos and STAY INFORMED!....

FYI: If you are located in the AUC or in the Atlanta area and would like to help out with our efforts in support of Haiti please contact us @

Pray for Haiti (AUC Cares/2010 Haiti Earthquake)

Pray For Haiti (AUC Cares/ 2010 Haiti Earthquake) from stefon Bristol on Vimeo.

Trip to Haiti

Monday, January 4, 2010

Bringing in the New Year!:)

I just Had to bring in the New Year right and what kind of guy what I have been if I didn't film it and share the moment with YOU!????? Sometimes you just gotta BLOW UP the sky when coming into a New Year:) Check It out

Saturday, January 2, 2010


If you havent become familiar with those 4 faces by now...... You need to pay closer attention. Just as promised, the brand new Mixtape from OVERDOZ has officially hit the air waves. Having a great response in its first day from listeners across the country, OTAB of course had to jump on this bandwagon. We were the first to hear this brand new hottness and if no one has told you yet.... "It is out of this world"

"To wait is to waste time, Time is of the absolute essence, Time should not ever be wasted, But appreciated and taken advantage of, It is the ultimate Blessing" -Hope Harris

So, don't waste any more time if you have not downloaded this masterpiece yet!!!


Also dont forget to check out their site WWW.WEODOZ.COM and follow them @theworldofODoz

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

He will NEVER leave you Nor Forsake you!

We have been keeping Stafon in our prayers and we are blessed to have such an AWESOME God who shows His grace and mercy daily. Once again, the Lord has moved and sent blessings down when those praises were sent up. Keep up the good work Stafon and kill that Rose Bowl game relative. Much Love from your brody Zeek Dog! "Ruff Ruff" DDP 4 LIFE!... Make sure yall check out this amazing short documentary and follow him on twitter at

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Gift

Today is the day! The day that we all long for throughout the year. The day you get to spend with your family. The day we remember and celebrate the birth of Jesus. The day we give to one another and open presents with joy.

What could possibly make this day any better you ask?.........

Thats right, like we've promised, OTAB is of course showcasing the Brand new music video "Crumbling Therapy" from some of our favorite artists out of Inglewood California.... OVERDOZ. Their newest Mix Tape-- NOVA is dropping January first, so be ready for that.

As for now... Check out the hottness, and


OverDoz's "Crumbling Theory" Lauched!!

OverDoz have given the world a wonderful Christmas Present: Their premier of the most anticipated music video, "Crumbling Theory", Directed by Mac Faulkner and Produced by Ezekiel Philips. This video could take the music industry towards a different aspect on how to make music videos. Also, the music of OverDoz is highly innovate with their style of Hip-Hop, with Rock fused in it to give you a flavor of music that have your senses experience euphoria.

Producer, Ezekiel Philips, have done well hiring Mac Faulkner to Direct the video. Nowadays with the same redundant Hip-Hop videos on BET and MTV, "Crumbling Theory" gives us that fresh air to breath when it regards creativity. The Star Trek motif is comedic and will keep the audience interest mix in heavy with Cannibus innuendos. More of music videos should have a story line to get an A+ with the audience like with "Crumbling Theory" when James T Kush, Mr. Spark, and Bongs McCough is off to find their "magic herb" planet but soon to find their weed-world turned into a barren terrane. Will the starship crew ever survive without the good herb? What will our heros do next?

OverDoz is a freakin' boss Hip-Hop group! Their style, rhythm, and rhyme scheme will sure enough set off the country. Radios will soon blast the music of this phenomenal group. Will OverDoz be the next A Tribe Called Quest of the West Coast, or will they absolutely be Hip-Hop figure heads that the industry have not experienced before? Their mixtape, "Bowties & Rosaries", is music deemed to be everyones iTunes. The mixtape is available through OverDoz's website:

Regards towards the making of the video, amazing special effects on board the starship is more than exceptional. It is orgasmic. A lot of the panning and transitions is fluid and precise that you almost think you are watching a movie. Even OverDoz have done a amazing job with their acting. I would like to make a prophecy that they will be on the silver screen one day, to give us a Thespian performance of a soon to be classic. Can I also predict Mr. Philips to produce and direct?

A quick Cinema Secret: The location of the planet was shot at a Los Angeles beach!

Ladies and Gentlemen, please check out the World Premier of OverDoz's "Crumbling Theory"

Have a Wonderful Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Stefon Z. Bristol