Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The LOVE of a Family

Soul Food is no doubt my FAVORITE family movie. Whenever all the family members are under one roof, spending family time you can always count on the movie Soul Food to do a lil entertaining. The movie touches on so many topics; Love, Patience, Commitment, Greed, and much more. If you were to ask anyone in my family how much I love this movie, they would probably tell you that the movie drove them crazy because I played it so much. The acting in the film was POWERFUL and the story was PHENOMENAL! My whole family isn't with me for Thanksgiving this year but the lady who gave me birth is here with me so I guess its time for some REAL Soul Food!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you all.... Take a minute to watch the clips be low of the movie "Soul Food" & ALWAYS REMEMBER that, Those with a loving family are wealthier than those with much money.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Travis Porter "Go Shorty Go" Behind the scene Music video

So I filmed the Travis Porter behind the scene music video "Go Shorty Go"... All I gotta say is that The video was CRAZY!!!!! Just check it out!

Any1 can tell a story with Pictures. Try It

Zeek: "Come on officer Bull, what did I do now!!!
Officer Bull: "Mr. Phillips, you cant be flying through here doing 80 mph in a 25mph school zone, like you run these streets! On top off that somebody told me you weren't still a student at Morehouse anyways"

Zeek: WHAT!!!!! We can call admissions right now!
Officer Bull: HEY!!! Dont be pulling out no gadgets on me like that boy! I almost thought you was pulling out a strap!... Just show me your ID son"

Zeek: WOW!, You gotta be kidding me.. Here you go!"

Officer Bull: "Let me see that!.... Ight I see you straight, but if I catch you next time speeding through here we are going to have problems you hear me?
Zeek: Yeah I hear you, but why you...
Officer Bull:... WHAT!!
Zeek: Nothing we straight sir!
Officer Bull: Thats what I thought you said! So we cool???

Zeek: Yeah we cool

Zeek: SIKE!!!! I dont mess with the PoPo's! Thought you had a friend.......THE END!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Something New

One thing that fascinates me each day here in the Atlanta University Center, is the countless number of strong young Men surrounding us. Young man that will soon be successful entrepreneurs, and business men. Morehouse college in particular often provides seminars, workshops, and classes regarding different aspects of what it takes to become those things.
Recently a marvelous woman by the name of Dr. White, provided a workshop for many of her students on Dinning Etiquette. Not only did this particular workshop include an international perspective, but it was also blessed with words from the always profound President of Morehouse College, Dr. Robert Franklin. So, of course, On The Applebox was there to broaden our horizons and catch the highlights of a incredible evening.

Check it out:

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Some of the Best college years... ACTION!!!!

I know that Im still finishing up my college years but I MUST say that these were some of the BEST moments of my college life thus far. Picking up the camera, capturing the creativity, and then gong in on a 24hr edit turn around is one of the BEST feelings. Just check it out!!!

2 Step Morehouse Edition

Monday, November 9, 2009

Need Beats??????

If your in the movie, or the music bizz your going to need beats!!! I heard from around the way that this dude that goes by the name of Dale Danja has that FIIRREEE!!! Well I know that your not suppose to go off of what you hear but IM NOT!!! I didnt just hear the beats but I saw him put together his master hits while laying a verse or two down for a couple of films of mines.... Yup! you got that right he doesnt just makes beats but he raps as well. How many of you remember my film I made called LAPD CRASHES BLOCK PARTY? Well the closing track that you all kept asking about, Guess what?? Dale Danja did that!! Who remembers the video I just did in the Library with my girl Hope Harris GANGSTA DONT GO TO COLLEGE? Thats your boy Dale Danja on the Beat! All I can say is that the brotha is very talented & I had to show my appreciation by doing a write up. Good looking out Dale 4 everything, and Im still waiting on that BABY MOMMA track with Overdoz feat. Cassie Veggie..The streets need that!
Every1 make sure you follow him on TWITTER and be sure to hit him if you need any music, because Dale Danja Got Beats!!! Check out his most recent interview below.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

"Precious" is Truly Precious!

"Precious: Based On The Novel Push By Sapphire" is now indeed part of the cinema canon! It is a film that everyone should know. A film that everyone should hold dearly to their hearts as long as they live. If you haven't seen it, you have missed half your life! Mo'Nique have given an outstanding performance that no one's eyes have ever experienced in an actress. Her acting is superb in every sense of our five senses, that even Spider-Man's spider sense will tingle in epilepsy! It's that serious of a movie! You have to see it!

Based off the book, "Push" by Sapphire, "Precious" is about a coming of age young African-American girl who is significantly over weight, pregnant by her father for the second time, and abused by her mother on a day-to-day basis. Claireece Precious Jones, played by Gabourey 'Gabby' Sidibe, must fight to receive better education and escape the iron fist of her mother's tyranny while struggling to gain custody of her children.


(January 16, 2009 - Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images North America)

(From Left to Right: Mariah Carey, Gabourey 'Gabby' Sidibe, Lee Daniels, Mo'Nique, and Paula Patton.)

Director, Lee Daniels (Monster's Ball, Shadowboxer), is a genius at his prime. He created a fine portrat of the gritty life of a disfunctional relationship of a mother and daughter. Many scenes was shot with handheld cameras to provoke horrific moments and edited with time lapse transitions to emphasizes the importance of what Precious is going through in key moments. I seriously believe that Daniels will get great regards in Hollywood for his remarkable vision of the movie. We can expect to see his next film being sold out as much as "Precious" was during this opening weekend.

The acting is one hundred and ten percent flawless. Mo'Nique have set far beyond the standard for any actor or actress to play the villain. She have frighten the audience with her portrayal of Mary, Precious' mother, and her belligerent ignorance. Sidibe (Precious) have done an enchanting job to make the literary figure come to life with graceful and elaborate acting. She has now become one of the central figures in our movie going hearts, beckoning the universe for us to see another performance of her once again in the future. Paula Patton, Robin Thicke's wife who plays Precious' alternative school teacher, loves to uplift the audience as a kind hearted, tough educator who teaches Precious how to "Push" her limits when life doesn't go the way she wants it to. Mariah Carey is also in the movie as a social worker who helps Precious with her difficult life. It is refreshing to see the wonderful superstar in this movie for her acting is rewarding to watch as well.

Only opened in 18 theaters across the country (New York, Atlanta, Los Angles, and Chicago) in highly African-American populated neigborhoods, it is very important to see this film. This movie is real! It deals with the nature, the depression, the hurt, the shame of domestic violence and the affects of it to a child. It also evokes and clarifies how important education is, no matter how horrible one's life is. I also give high regards to Sapphire for writing the wonderful book, "Push", and encourage anyone to read it.

To some, "Precious" could be just another feel good movie, but to most of us, real movie buffs, it is a work of a masterpiece by Lee Daniels that should be treated as the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci.

-Stefon Z. Bristol,

Please take two minutes of your time to watch the trailer of the next academy award-winning film.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

It is almost here!

Its back to business people. What we love here On The Apple Box, is good film making, in all of its many aspects and forms. As many of you know, one of the absolute top sellers of the past few years has been the book series of "Twilight" written by Stephenie Meyers. Her phenomenal work has captured the hearts of a very broad audience, including women and men young and old.

After much success with the film "Twilight" based on the first book of the series, people across the country and world have been longing for this very month to arrive. "NEW MOON" the second film based on the Twilight Series hits the theater on November 20th. Tickets are being pre-ordered and popcorn is waiting to be made, because this one is guaranteed to be a Box Office Best Seller. Check out the Trailer!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I heard that the ladies was going CRAZY off this video!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Michael Jackson's "This Is It!"

It is unfortunate that an extraordinary movie about the last days of the baddest entertainer in world history and rehearsals for the biggest show of the century is only in theaters for two weeks, world wide. "This Is It", directed by Kenny Ortega, is a phenomenon. A show that whoever is really interested in show business, fans or no fans of Michael Jackson, have to see this...or they have missed half of their lives!

"This Is It" shows the passion and the commitment, as well as the massive creativity that Michael Jackson has for the largest rock/pop concert of all time. During rehearsal, Jackson does the best he can, in an absolute modest way, to convey what he really wants in the show. He does the best he can not get anyone offended when something does not go his way or whenever something goes wrong. Jackson takes complete control of the show, telling everyone and anyone what he wants, when he wants it, and how he wants it. All the while staying true as a human being with complete understanding of each individual. A true maverick of a artist and a workaholic at his best. It bring tears and heartache while you watch this due to his shocking death, but definitely a corner stone for anyone pursuing a career in this industry. As you watch this movie, I highly encourage you to take notes. The way Jackson treats people on how to make them perform their duties for the show by the way he wants them to is absolute flawless!

The movie also showcases the practices of Jackson's greatest hits such as "Wanna Be Starting Something", "Earth Song", "Billie Jean", "Thriller" and many more. The dancers are highly enthralled to be working with their childhood icon. No matter how rigorous the rehearsals might be, they feel extremely fortunate to be right next to their hero on stage, and would do anything to make the show what it needs to be.

Unfortunate it may be that "This Is It" is only running for a very short two weeks, I highly regard anyone, of any age, to go see this movie, quickly, in it's grand theatrical setting. If not, when it comes out, and I hope it comes out, on DVD...Purchase it! Because if you don't see Michael Jackson in his truest being in his artistry during his final days, you have missed half of your life! Guaranteed!!

Please take time to watch the trailer of this grand world wide event!