Friday, July 31, 2009

Behind The Scenes

Each day brings about new experiences and opportunities when you are On The Apple Box!! This past week, we were able to have a first hand experience with one of Hollywood's Greatest!!!


Yes, none other than Mr. Robert Townsend! If you all recall, we recently did a post on Ms. Skye Townsend who happens to be one of Robert Townsend's very talented daughters. .. Key Word: ONE of his very talented daughters. Ms. Sierra Townsend, a soon to be Spelmanite come this fall, has a rare eye for Fashion! Being one of the Wardrobe heads on the Web Series "Diary of a Single Mom II," (directed/produced by Mr. Townsend) was kind enough to bring us on set to experience the process. As you can see in the picture above we came prepared with the Camera on deck... and just WAIT till you see what we captured. Our time on set was one of a kind, and the tricks of the trade that we learned are definitely invaluable.

Don't forget to follow Sierra Townsend on Twitter: @SierraTownsend

And keep a look out for season two of "Diary of a Single Mom"

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