Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Trip to the Mountains

Sometimes you just need a break. A break from school, a break from people, and a break from the city. That is when you have to take time for yourself and reflect. This isn't your ordinary 31 day trip to the mountains. Take a look!


  1. I definitely feel you brother. Take your time and re-align yourself with Allah. Redefine and or clarify your purpose. Never lose sight of your goal even when the times are rough. Somebody once told me that "trouble don't last always". Stay up brother and Stay Focused! Keep it Positive. Peace

  2. Ezekiel A. Phillips, I wish to express how proud I am of YOU... not your accomplishments or the physical manifestations thereof because they are only motifs of your efforts behind them. Your greatest accomplishment is self-evolution; Evoling into a better being during your assigned time on this earth.

    Keep evolving. Keep growing. Keep loving.

    -Antoine G. Albert '12