Thursday, December 17, 2009


"My chucks, come in all shapes and sizes, but the High-top Chucks are made for Ridaz"

As many of you know, if you ever see Zeek and I in passing at school or in our travels, you will often see us wearing our High-top red Chuck Taylor sneakers. These timeless shoes are most definitely the original tennis shoe and have yet to go out of style.

As an independent film major at Spelman College, students of the AUC will often find me walking across the campuses constantly throughout the day heading to CAU's media arts department to head to the Studios or Editing Labs. This fall semester for my Fundamentals of Film class, I decided to do a cleaver little Chucks commercial to demonstrate the very basics of filmmaking and use of point of view. The great thing about film and photography is the many ways you can take advantage of space and environment to portray just about anything. With the support and efforts of a couple of students from my AUC family, we were able to do a quick and fun project.

Check it out!!

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