Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Gift

Today is the day! The day that we all long for throughout the year. The day you get to spend with your family. The day we remember and celebrate the birth of Jesus. The day we give to one another and open presents with joy.

What could possibly make this day any better you ask?.........

Thats right, like we've promised, OTAB is of course showcasing the Brand new music video "Crumbling Therapy" from some of our favorite artists out of Inglewood California.... OVERDOZ. Their newest Mix Tape-- NOVA is dropping January first, so be ready for that.

As for now... Check out the hottness, and


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  1. All the way from the Jungle to Cerritos to big things. Though its all interconnected through the vastness of space. Theory of relativity, right? Anyway, just know I've been following ya brotha and love what you're doing. Much praise!

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    reminds me of dolemite