Thursday, December 10, 2009


One thing I love and appreciate is a well made, well directed, well shot, and well thought

out Music Video. After a very interesting past year Mr. Chris Brown is making his way back on

to the scene in a major way. When creative minds of different realms come together as a

collective, there is almost always a genius product. This particular song in itself is very well

produced as it includes a collaboration of some of the top mainstream artists of this time, and

has received great responses since it hit the sound waves. That, however, is not to mention the

bangin' video that was created to complement it.

"I can transform Ya" is a creative piece that stood out to me amongst the many new

videos that have been pushed during this season. There is an exciting display of artistry, as well

as the advancements of technology at this time. Check it out!!!!

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