Monday, November 9, 2009

Need Beats??????

If your in the movie, or the music bizz your going to need beats!!! I heard from around the way that this dude that goes by the name of Dale Danja has that FIIRREEE!!! Well I know that your not suppose to go off of what you hear but IM NOT!!! I didnt just hear the beats but I saw him put together his master hits while laying a verse or two down for a couple of films of mines.... Yup! you got that right he doesnt just makes beats but he raps as well. How many of you remember my film I made called LAPD CRASHES BLOCK PARTY? Well the closing track that you all kept asking about, Guess what?? Dale Danja did that!! Who remembers the video I just did in the Library with my girl Hope Harris GANGSTA DONT GO TO COLLEGE? Thats your boy Dale Danja on the Beat! All I can say is that the brotha is very talented & I had to show my appreciation by doing a write up. Good looking out Dale 4 everything, and Im still waiting on that BABY MOMMA track with Overdoz feat. Cassie Veggie..The streets need that!
Every1 make sure you follow him on TWITTER and be sure to hit him if you need any music, because Dale Danja Got Beats!!! Check out his most recent interview below.

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