Monday, November 2, 2009

Michael Jackson's "This Is It!"

It is unfortunate that an extraordinary movie about the last days of the baddest entertainer in world history and rehearsals for the biggest show of the century is only in theaters for two weeks, world wide. "This Is It", directed by Kenny Ortega, is a phenomenon. A show that whoever is really interested in show business, fans or no fans of Michael Jackson, have to see this...or they have missed half of their lives!

"This Is It" shows the passion and the commitment, as well as the massive creativity that Michael Jackson has for the largest rock/pop concert of all time. During rehearsal, Jackson does the best he can, in an absolute modest way, to convey what he really wants in the show. He does the best he can not get anyone offended when something does not go his way or whenever something goes wrong. Jackson takes complete control of the show, telling everyone and anyone what he wants, when he wants it, and how he wants it. All the while staying true as a human being with complete understanding of each individual. A true maverick of a artist and a workaholic at his best. It bring tears and heartache while you watch this due to his shocking death, but definitely a corner stone for anyone pursuing a career in this industry. As you watch this movie, I highly encourage you to take notes. The way Jackson treats people on how to make them perform their duties for the show by the way he wants them to is absolute flawless!

The movie also showcases the practices of Jackson's greatest hits such as "Wanna Be Starting Something", "Earth Song", "Billie Jean", "Thriller" and many more. The dancers are highly enthralled to be working with their childhood icon. No matter how rigorous the rehearsals might be, they feel extremely fortunate to be right next to their hero on stage, and would do anything to make the show what it needs to be.

Unfortunate it may be that "This Is It" is only running for a very short two weeks, I highly regard anyone, of any age, to go see this movie, quickly, in it's grand theatrical setting. If not, when it comes out, and I hope it comes out, on DVD...Purchase it! Because if you don't see Michael Jackson in his truest being in his artistry during his final days, you have missed half of your life! Guaranteed!!

Please take time to watch the trailer of this grand world wide event!

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