Monday, November 23, 2009

Any1 can tell a story with Pictures. Try It

Zeek: "Come on officer Bull, what did I do now!!!
Officer Bull: "Mr. Phillips, you cant be flying through here doing 80 mph in a 25mph school zone, like you run these streets! On top off that somebody told me you weren't still a student at Morehouse anyways"

Zeek: WHAT!!!!! We can call admissions right now!
Officer Bull: HEY!!! Dont be pulling out no gadgets on me like that boy! I almost thought you was pulling out a strap!... Just show me your ID son"

Zeek: WOW!, You gotta be kidding me.. Here you go!"

Officer Bull: "Let me see that!.... Ight I see you straight, but if I catch you next time speeding through here we are going to have problems you hear me?
Zeek: Yeah I hear you, but why you...
Officer Bull:... WHAT!!
Zeek: Nothing we straight sir!
Officer Bull: Thats what I thought you said! So we cool???

Zeek: Yeah we cool

Zeek: SIKE!!!! I dont mess with the PoPo's! Thought you had a friend.......THE END!

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