Monday, September 7, 2009

Luda 20 car give away....WOW!!!

Dr. Cornel West once said, "You can't LEAD the people if you don't LOVE the people and you can't SAVE the people if you don't SERVE the people." Chris Bridges, better known as Ludacris, took heed to this very saying.

Ludacris put out the call for people to write essays telling why they deserve to win a car. The call was blasted on radio stations throughout Atlanta and all over twitter. Four thousand people didnt hesitate to write their story. Several people wrote toThe Ludacris Foundation with heart felt stories about why they were deserving of a car. Every person's story was different, from single moms trying to take care of their children to a dad caring for his son with autism.

Roberta Shield, his mother and president of his foundation, spoke tothe crowd as well then it was time to pass out the keys. Each contestant was called to the stage to receive their key. The cars varied in make, model and year, from Nissan Maximums to FordExplorers. Contestants recieved their type of car based on their family size. Not only did they recieve a car, but they were also blessed with thirty days of free gas. Now who wouldn't want that? Many contestants expressed gratitude to Ludacris, but mainly to God. They were very thankful and felt that their lives were forever changed.

I have MAD RESPECT for this brotha! Dont forget to support his foundation HERE!
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