Sunday, September 13, 2009

KAYNE is TOO BOLD 4 that 1

ALL I CAN SAY IS....."WOW". What do YOU think about Kanyes action tonight??? Here is what THE GLAMOUROUS LIFE site had to say.........

"Kanye West VMA 2009 Taylor Swift Diss was not very classy at all and as a matter of fact he is a complete idiot and has taken the conceited attitude to the extreme. I truly think that Kanye West is bipolar and has a very serious problem.
First of all Beyonce could never win Female video of the year for grinding her crouch around and shaking her butt. Are you serious Kanye? Why don’t you get off the nuts of the dude who put you on anyway. We all know that’s Jay-Z.
Furthermore how do you produce his hit song DOA (Death of Autotune) right after you just recorded an entire album using Antares Autotune you T-Pain wanna be.
I’m personally tired of your arrogance and I am personally going to see if this post will bring you down. If you are reading this post just Re-Tweet and Tweet this article until your fingers get tired. All my Facebook people go nuts on this if you are also tired of this rap artist who apparently thinks he can diss the stage that was set for Michael Jackson in the first place.
Kanye West I dare you try to upstage Michael Jackson or Janet Janet Jackson.
DOKWA- This is the new acronym for the rest of 2009.

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