Monday, September 21, 2009

"I would like 2 say ALL POWER 2 the PEOPLE!"

There is nothing like someone who is down for the REVOLUTION! " Everybody wants to create what they call a leader but a leader is everything that the people want to be but a leader is everything that the people could never be......"
At this point in life I feel as if everyone is suppose to know brotha Huey P Newton's story. If you dont know it by now, you are about to get a lil piece of that Apple Pie, because it is to good not to get a slice. I have so much RESPECT for this brotha Huey P Newton that a couple of months ago I decided to do a piece about him, in front of the camera that was inspired by Rogers Smith film "A Huey P Newton Story" Take a moment 2 take a look
Since I was a child I had visions of the day that I would make it as a BIG time ACTOR in HOLLYWOOD. Now Im just doing it for the LOVE, PASSION, ENTERTAINMENT, & 2 EDUCATE... so go ahead press that play 2 EDUCATED!


  1. I really liked this. Not only was it educational and informative, but it showcased your talent. You and Hope need to continue showcasing your own talent. NM Mom

  2. Outstanding work Mr. Phillips!! -jserene