Saturday, August 8, 2009

One of a Kind


If anyone in the industry has their very own unique, unparalleled eye when it comes to filmmaking... it is none other than Mr. Tim Burton. Almost annually, he delivers mind blowing works that knock the socks off of the charts, critics, and viewers all across the world. His movies are known to take each person watching to a different place and time. A place that they can, usually, only visit in their dreams. Burton definitely has the ability to make dreams become realities. As a creator, he brings the best out of each script, writer, and actor that takes part in his projects. Oh, man!!! I HOPE that I can get on that level one day!


Right now, Burton is keeping everyone on their toes by slowly providing little bits of information on his up and coming film for 2010.. ALICE IN WONDERLAND! Check out the trailer, and keep your eyes and ears open and ready for this amazing piece of work!!

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