Monday, August 3, 2009

"Crumbling Therapy"

Your TEAM will get STRONGER when you begin to BUILD yourself. Teams are made up of individuals who work together!

I LOVE MY TEAM!!! Yesterday we shot day one for OverDoz's New Music Video "Crumbling Therapy" and we had a BLAST! Its nothing like having a VISON and getting together with your team to make that mission become a GREAT SUCCESS. The group, out of Los Angeles, has what it takes, not just to make it in the music industry, but in the film industry as well. Yes"Crumbling Therapy" is a music video, and not a movie, but the concept will make you feel like your watching a short movie/music You guys all know whats been going on with music videos these days right? Well if you dont... people are running out of CREATIVE ideas so they feel like the only thing they can do is show The MONEY, CARS, CLOTHES, & The . . . . . Yeah you know the rest. Sorry to let some folks down but that is just not going to cut it for long, its time for NEW FRESH IDEAS, and thats exactly what my boy Mac Faulkner (Director of video) & I are bringing you with this new video. I mentioned earlier that your Team will get STRONGER when you begin to BUILD yourself, and thats a TRUE statement! We all know that Hope Harris runs this blog with me but what you all dont know is that she is apart of the TEAM 4 LIFE!!! For these past days in LA she has been with me every step of the way, and as we continue to GROW & LEARN the film Industry, I know that we will BUILD STRONGER & STRONGER each day!!! As much as I want 2 put up some of the behind the scenes footage, I cant do that JUST YET. . . BUT!!!! what I will do is give you the song "Crumbling Therapy" 2 Download!: Listen & give Feed Back. Also 2 hear more music by Overdoz go visit their myspace & Follow them on Twitter @



  1. I like this song! It's got the rock, the hip-hop, and a lil bit of pop mixed in. And i just like the overall look of the group. I can tell y'all just being urselves and each have your own style. Good lookin'! Can't wait to see the official video!!


  2. Young Ziek this song is very creative, and it is a new sound that's sounds good. I cant wait to see the video. One love Isaac............