Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Another successful year at the Youth to Leaders Conference thats held annually across the united states.
I am so privileged to have come up out of this conference three years ago when it was held in Houston Texas @ Texas Southern University. Now three years later it was on my Coast which is the WEST COAST. The conference took place at UCLA for over a course of 4 days. The Youth to Leaders Conference is designed to help young people between the ages 13-18 male & females to find their Leader in themselves. TRUST ME the conference is very effective because before I came to the conference back in 06 as a Student Delegate, I thought that the streets was my Leader. After leaving that conference with so many educated young people from all across the states I just knew I needed to CHANGE the way I thought.

I have been extremely busy over the summer with filming and everything but there was no way I was going to miss the conference especially the Talent Show, Community Service Project, or the Closing Banquet!

Speaking of closing Banquet, the speaker of the night was on POINT! of course because she is my Big sister:) Ginene Lewis just graduated from Spelman College & now she is on her way to law school in the fall. She has been a Student delegate since she was 12 and was my counsel leader when I came into the Institute.

I had a GREAT Time & I enjoyed myself at the conference. As you know & can see in the picture with Tavis, I NEVER leave the house without my camera so as soon as Im done with the editing you will have access to it first!:) So until then continue to LEAD LOVE SAVE SERVE.. Because "You cant LEAD the people if you dont LOVE the people & you cant SAVE the people if you dont SERVE the people"-Dr.Cornel West

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  1. Great to here Zeek! Can't wait to see the video and thanks for spreading the word about the conference. Glad that we as a council did so well to make it as successful as possible. Hope to see you again next year.