Monday, August 31, 2009

The Numbers Say It All!

As previously stated, the AUC is back and in full effect. When it comes to the Morehouse College Maroon Tiger football team.... They are in it to WIN it. The first football game of the season was LIVE, to say the very least. Stands were filled with students, families, and fans... and as for the field... the Maroon Tigers had absolutely NO MERCY!

In the AUC, the collegiate community in which the two makers of this Blog thrive, we are all about supporting one another and making it to the top of whatever game we play in life. We like to (as Ezekiel Phillips puts it) Feed off of each others energy. 'Man oh Man', were the Maroon Tigers able to Feed off of the enormous amount of positive energy coming from the stands at their first game of the season, and it brought nothing but SUCCESS!

With a win of number..... our team showed Atlanta how a season should be kicked off. . and YES as always, we were there to deliver. ON THE APPLE BOX had all cameras on deck, ready to show the world how we get down 'round these parts. So, as always.. Check out the hotness!


  1. You outdid urself! Freaky ZEEKY strikes again! I need this 4 evry home game! keep up the gd work!

  2. Great job Zek! Shout out to Mahogany lol...thanks!


  3. this is great I mis the auc but most of all teh HOF