Monday, October 5, 2009

The Best of Both Worlds

We just can't get enough of the group OverDoz here On The Apple Box. . .
As before stated, each of these young men bring fire to the table when it comes
to their lyrical artistry, and with this one, Mr. KENT has shown us, really, what
he is working with.
Having grown up in the South in our dear city of Atlanta and then migrating to the ever so wonderful West Coast, in a world of its own, Los Angeles, California, KENTs diverse upbringing has enabled him to develop a creative mind set that is unique and out of this WORLD!

Check out his recently dropped video & track, LATLien and see what its really about when you have The Best of Both Worlds. & don't forget to follow him on twitter @KentJamzODoz & DOWNLOAD THE TRACK Also, shouts from On The Apple Box to the Watkins Twins for holding it down in the A!!

Keep in mind yall that this is the premiere Music Video work of Director/Videographer, Mr. James Stephens "Hollywood" with Eye Wonder TV!

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