Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti is in Our Prayers!!

With the Earthquake in Haiti, our prayers and condolences go out to the island nation and those affected by this disaster throughout the world. It is very devastating to see the images of Haiti on CNN and in the New York Times. Our hearts are with those who are highly and directly affected by this. On The Apple Box and The Atlanta University Center have you in our prayers.

The following videos are for the commemoration of the victims of the earthquake. The first video is a collage of input and prayers by AUC students. The President of Morehouse College, Dr. Robert Michael Franklin, also gives us a few words as well on the atrocity.

The second video is created by Ezekiel Philips with beautiful photography provided by Jacques Pape, our photographer of On The Apple Box. Jacques Pape is a native of Haiti. He has friends and family members in Haiti who have been affected by the earthquake. I ask you to please keep a serious prayer for Mr. Pape. Not to long ago, Mr. Pape invited Ezekiel to Haiti for a visit. Ezekiel had a wonderful time with the people of this island nation and enjoyed their culture. So you know he is affected by this, as well. I personally have friends who are from Haiti and praying that their family members are alive. I am very concerned for their well being.

OnTheAppleBox is greatly concerned about what has happened and we are currently doing our best to help. Please enjoy the videos and STAY INFORMED!....

FYI: If you are located in the AUC or in the Atlanta area and would like to help out with our efforts in support of Haiti please contact us @

Pray for Haiti (AUC Cares/2010 Haiti Earthquake)

Pray For Haiti (AUC Cares/ 2010 Haiti Earthquake) from stefon Bristol on Vimeo.

Trip to Haiti

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